Will you need Boarding during the Summer months &/or upcoming Holiday weeks or weekends?

If so, it is NEVER TOO EARLY to make your reservations! Give us a call TODAY at

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to secure your baby(s) spot!

We typically book up 10-12 weeks ahead of any major holiday periods & for the Summer months!


For the safety of our clients & staff, we are not currently offering physical tours of the facility due to precautions with Covid-19. Please check out our VIDEO TOUR pinned to the top of our Facebook Page!

Anje V. Foster

August 31, 2021

                                                        To Our Valued Ruff-N-It Clients:

With Covid presenting new concerns, we want to offer the following safeguards for those who may have concerns:

  1. We have discontinued offering our "Impromptu Tours" to anyone until further notice. We will post a current, detailed video of our entire facility on our website at for anyone to view. When viewing the video please make note that we are closing the kennel from October 8th thru October 14th to do a thorough deep cleaning, resealing of all dens, and repainting of floors and some walls.

  2. If you have concerns regarding the virus, upon arrival for drop-off, you can: A. Call our office personnel at (770) 485-7011 from your vehicle, and before pulling up to the drop-off gate, to go over any necessary instructions & confirm relevant information as it pertains to the current boarding. B. Lead your dog(s), on leash, into the small holding area at our back gate (please wait on a Staff Member's direction to enter the gate for the safety of all our guests!). Leave them on leash, along with any personal items, inside the fence & we will then get your baby(s) settled & any personal items entered into our system. There will be a staff member in the yard visible to you & your dog at all times, just at a safe distance. You will see a hook by the wood gate leading out to our play yards that you can place the leash handle(s) on to secure your dogs from running out of the gate as you exit if you feel you need to. C. If you feel better following the above procedures, regardless of anyone showing signs of illness or not, you are welcome to follow these same guidelines. 

  3. Upon departure, if you have concerns, you are welcome to request, in advance, that: A. We place your dogs in the holding area on leash with leash handles hooked to the hook along with any personal items. B. Once our staff has exited the holding area, you can enter & secure your pet(s) & their items and exit the holding area, closing the chain link gate behind you please. C. If you feel better following the above procedures, regardless of anyone showing signs of illness or not, you are welcome to follow these same guidelines. 

  4.  If concerns exist in making your payment in person, we are offering the following payment options: A. Call our office personnel in advance of your arrival at (770) 485-7011 to make your payment by phone with a credit card. B. You can also securely put a credit card on your file in Pet Exec that can be used to process your payment. A card can be added, changed, or deleted at any time by logging into your Pet Exec account. Simply log into your account & from the "Main Dashboard", click on the "CREDIT CARDS ON FILE" tab. From there, you can enter your card info without sharing the full card details with anyone. You can also change or delete a card via the same tab. Then just tell us to process your payment with the card on file.

  5. The same procedures are available for those dropping off, or picking up, our Daycare guests.           


                                                                     As for our staff:

  1. We are emphasizing, & practicing, excellent handwashing protocol and the use of hand sanitizer among our staff. We are allowing masks to remain optional to all Ruff-N-It Team Members currently.   

  2. Our staff has been directed to not report to work if they feel the onset of any illness & how they should proceed to seek care for said illness. (Call the County Health Dept, their care provider, or local Emergency Room, or Urgent Care, for direction on how to present themselves for care/screening).

  3. The common areas in our office & kennel are being wiped down each day with appropriate cleaning supplies to eliminate viral contamination. This includes counter tops, computers & printers, door handles & knobs, floors, washing machine/dryer/dishwasher, tub, sinks, & restrooms.


So, while we enjoy & value our normal contact & interactions with each of you, please know that we are offering the above measures as a good business citizen in these trying times.

Thank you for your business! If you have any questions, please give us a call during our normal business hours of Monday - Friday 7:30am-7:00pm, Saturdays 7:00am-12:00pm, Sundays 5:00pm-7:00pm. We would love to hear from you with any questions or concerns you may have!

God's Best Always,


August 01, 2018

Are You New To Ruff-N-It?

At Ruff-N-It, we offer you a couple of ways to reserve your pet's stay or daycare!

1. Give us a call at (770) 485-7011 during our business hours & we'll handle it for you! Or,

2. Click on the "SET UP ACCOUNT" button below & set up your own account on our system & you can request boarding & daycare  at your convenience! You'll receive a confirmation email back from us when it's finalized!

(if booking online, set your pet's vaccination dates beyond the current date so that the system will allow you to complete your request)

If your pet(s) have already stayed with us, or utilized our daycare program, you  DO NOT need to set up an account! Setting up an account in this situation will create a duplicate account in our system. Give us a call & we can provide you a Username & Password to access your account!

August 01, 2019

Here's "THE SCOOP" On Drop-Offs & Pick-Ups For Daycare & Boarding Guests!

Here's some "Helpful Hints" to make your "Check-In' & "Check Out" procedures for boarding & daycare flow smoothly!

For boarding drop-off you will need to drop your baby(s) off at the gate on the back left corner of the kennel building for their vacation where our kennel staff will greet you & get your baby(s) settled right in! After dropping them off, bring all of their items (food, meds, toys, blankets, vax records, etc.) to the office & we will complete the "Check-In" process!

When you pick your baby(s) up from boarding, please come to the office to check out. Once you are checked out, we will have a staff member meet you at the gate with your baby(s) & their personal items!

Daycare drop off will be through the gate on the back left corner of the kennel building. If you have a daycare package you will also be able to pick your baby(s) up from daycare at the same location! There is a sign on the gate that says "DAYCARE DROP-OFF & PICK-UP!"

If you do not have a package & pay for each stay you will need to come through the office building to pay & check out your baby(s).

If you have any questions that you would like answered prior to your arrival, please feel free to call us at (770) 485-7011 & we will be happy to assist you!

March 01, 2018

IMPORTANT: New Boarding Times

Starting March 1, 2018 Ruff-N-It is implementing new Drop Off and Pick Up times for our boarding buds! The times are as follows:


7:30am - 11am No Charge!

11:01am - 7:00pm - $13.50, Discounted Daycare Rate for1st dog, $9.00 for 2nd, & $5.00 for 3rd.


7:30am - 12:59pm = $13.50, Discounted Daycare Rate for1st dog, $9.00 for 2nd, & $5.00 for 3rd.

1:00pm - 7:00pm = NO CHARGE!


7:30am - 12:00pm = NO CHARGE!

3:30pm - 6:30pm = $25.00 Convenience Fee


7:30am - 10:00am = $25.00 Convenience Fee

5:00pm - 7:00pm = NO CHARGE!

If you would like to pick up your furbaby during the Saturday or Sunday "Convenience Fee" times noted above, please contact our office during normal business hours to pay in advance & schedule your time as there will be no front office staff present when you pick up your furbaby.

We would like to stress we are implementing these policies to provide the best service we can to all of our guests! As Ruff-N-It has grown, our facility reaches its capacity much more often. Think of it as the Check-In & Check-Out times at hotels & resorts if you will please.

March 17, 2018

Hey! Have You Heard About Our Brand New RUFF-N-IT PAW POINTS Loyalty Program?!?!?

We are excited to announce our Ruff-N-It PAW POINTS! For every dollar you spend at Ruff-N-It, whether it is on daycare, boarding, training, or *retail products, you are earning PAW POINTS that can be traded in for any of our products or services!


*Based on the pricing we receive on Victor Food products at the quantity we can buy & still price it competitively, we simply do not have any margin to include these products in our loyalty program.  

Wanna know how many PAW POINTS you have accumulated? You can find out two ways! 

#1.  Ask Us! We'll be glad to tell ya!

#2. You can check out your total via your online account if you have set one up!

  • If you have not set up your online access but you have boarded with us before, 

         give us a call & we can give you your Username & Password to access your

         account online!

  • If you have not boarded with us before, just scroll up this page a little bit & click on the "SET UP ACCOUNT" button! It's a really easy process!

Ruff-N-It PAW POINTS is our way of saying a little extra "THANK YOU" every time you walk through our door! We really do appreciate YOU!

January 05, 2018

VICTOR DOG FOOD Is Flying Out The Doors At Ruff-N-It!

Victor Dog Food is flying out the door at Ruff-N-It! The prices range from $20 to $52, depending on size and brand your pooch needs. Feel free to stop in & buy some, or even try our free samples and see which brand is your dog's best fit! For more information please feel free to call us, or check out our Products Page.

January 01, 2020

Dr. Pamela Stone, CACCP (animal chiropractic care)

                                                                RUFF-N-IT Welcomes

Dr. Pamela Stone, CACCP (animal chiropractic care)

to our facility every other Tuesday!

Do you think your pet may be suffering from

arthritis, lameness, gastrointestinal disease, chronic health issues, back problems, etc., etc.?

Check out additional info about Dr. Stone & her practice under the "More" tab at the top of any of our web pages!

January 12, 2018

Ruff-N-It is now on NEXTDOOR!

NEXTDOOR is another social media site that keeps you in tune with businesses & happenings in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! We have added Ruff-N-It's business listing! So, if you happen to be on, or get on, NEXTDOOR do us a favor & let your neighbors know about Ruff-N-It! We'd greatly appreciate it!

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